PA2MRX 2/70/23 station setup


In mast coax relay in use. ARS-BPR-1N. On TX isolation to other port is more then 80dB.
Another amateur measured these relays, I came to the same results using my SA.

Want more protection, just add another relay.

LNA protection using a extra SMA relay and 50Ω resistor in plug. When the system is not in use the 
LNA will be disconnected from the antenna.

Software on the  computer:
OS:  Windows 10.
Mixw,  MMSSTV, WSJT, WSPR, Perseus frontend, Linrad, Winrotor, Stellarium, Orbitron, and other HAM software.

LNA`s are also homebrew and ready, made after plans from the internet using a ATF-54143

For 2 and 70, and for 23cm


A nice page for EME beginners (like me). I also just started trying MS (meteor scatter)