My first crystal receiver.

I started early with the radio hobby. Dismanteling old radio`s and TV sets around the age of 10 there is not much left of things I really made. Back then I visited the public library on a regular basis. I borrowed different books published by "Muiderkring". In the book "Spelen met radio" (playing with radio) from 1976, the first radio was a crystal receiver. Coil made out of a toilet roll tube. The wire used back then was Litz-wire, survived from a wrecked radio. The variable C I bought as I remember. All other parts from wrecked radios. Diode used a OA85. Coil painted using shellack, I remember still, those big chuncks you had to dissolve in industial alcohol.

Many years later I bought the same book from the same library for 1 guilder. Old used books were sold this way.

The result survived all these years and is still operational, although under a thick layer of dust.