Nixie frequency counter

I`m also made a frequency counter,. no LCD/LED with PIC controller. Just old-fashioned
style using TTL and CMOS circuitry, coupled to a set of nixie tubes.
On Ebay I bought the essential driver IC`s to drive the nixies. I also could
build it using transistors,..but the circuit board design would be a hell of
a job to design.

On the left side of the picture above you see the counter board, one of two boards, next
the board with the nixie tubes, and at the right the time base board.
Tubes used are ZM1336.

Hier the schematic of the Nixie counter.

Here you see the counter where I tested the power supply with all nixies connected to it, without
any driver IC`s put on the board.

When ready for a test I came to the conclusion I made a big mistake,...the nixie board was
made the wrong side up, I had to make a new one for the nixies. Hoked everything
up again and it worked. Here you see a signal of 4321Hertz.


Januari 2008  PA2MRX