1929 deutſche morſe ſender.


As a next project for my 1926 regenerative receiver I have to make myself a CW transmitter for it. A hartley oscillator and a RE134 german tube form 1929 era seems to be a good choice.
The LC combination used makes it usable for the 80meter band. Anode dissipation is in the region of 3watts. Power is low, but sufficient for QRP operations. And the use of another tube with other voltages can bring up the power a bit.

All of it has to be build breadboard style with the use of big copper coils made out of automotive brake piping. Old mica capacitors, and as much components as used in 1929, or refabricated. Left you see a sample of the mica capacitors, one even with a grid resistor inside a glas tube.



pa2mrx juli 2012